Affordable Rolex Replica Watches Online Cheap For Sale

Affordable Rolex Replica Watches Online Cheap For Sale
Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches, as part of celebrating the 30th anniversary G-Shock, has created a limited edition collection that is dedicated to the hip-hop icon Eminem. The collaborative piece, which is based on the XL-6900 (the enlarged model of the 6900), will be available in stores for $180 this December. It's a customized version of the 6900 and features content that evokes Eminem's music and personality.

Slim Shady's collaboration with Rolex Replica Watches is not surprising, considering that the brand wants to be associated with street culture. Eminem, better known by his alias than his real name Marshall Mathers has won 13 Grammies. He has starred in several movies, but his music career is more than just a performer.Rolex Replica Watches has been worn by the artist on many ocRolex Replica Watchesns, both in music videos and during live performances. Rolex Replica Watches's limited-edition piece for Eminem is a logical next step.

The rapper's watch has the reference number GDX6900MNM-1. It is dominated by a dark black color on the resin case, strap and reverse LCD display. The watchmaker revealed that the black color was a reference to Eminem's troubled past in Detroit. The Motor City played a major role in Eminem's development and is reflected in the red skyline of the city on the strap. On the dial and buckle, the reverse "E" of Eminem's alias is visible. The case-back, as well as the lower portion of the rubber strap, bears the rapper's alias "Shady".

The watch is equipped with personalized details associated with Eminem’s iconography. It also has the G-Shock's renowned toughness, resistance to vibrations, shocks,Rolex Replica low temperatures, and electric shocks. It is also water resistant to 200 meters. Rolex Replica Watches offers five daily alarms, with flashing alerts, and a world time feature that includes information for 48 major cities.

Eminem's Rolex Replica Watches was unveiled at an event in New York City earlier this month as part of a series of promotional events to celebrate the fourth decade of G-Shock. Shinegori Itoh stated that the new product is as much about hip-hop's origin as it is about who it was made for. Eminem and G-Shock have huge and loyal fans around the globe, so this collaboration will reach thousands of people.